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About us

Drinkbox Studios is a Canadian video game developer based in Toronto, Ontario. Best known for the Guacamelee! series, Drinkbox Studios also developed the award winning Severed, the alien platformer Mutant Blobs Attack, and their most recent Action RPG Nobody Saves the World.

Graham Smith

Co-Founder & Producer

Starting as a programmer at Pseudo Interactive and Silicon Knights, Graham co-founded Drinkbox, and now works as a Producer. Graham loves all kinds of games, but is completely disinterested in televised sports. (He still watches though because his wife makes him)

Chris Harvey

Co-Founder & Technical Lead

Chris Harvey is a Co-Founder and the Technical Director of Drinkbox Studios. He spends much of his time tackling difficult technical problems, and has ported the Drinkbox engine to over a dozen different platforms over the years. Chris is a Gemini, which implies that he's a social butterfly, but ACTUALLY means that zodiac astrological signs cannot accurately predict someone's personality

Ryan MacLean

Co-Founder & Producer

Ryan is one of the co-founders of Drinkbox and has been making games professionally for 20+ years. Lately he tends to find himself involved in usually-messy meetings re: narrative, music, bizdev, production and/or marketing. He put off writing this bio for as long as possible...

Michael Fattori


Michael is a programmer at Drinkbox, working on audio, gameplay logic, abilities, and all sorts of stuff. They're really into Dragonball FighterZ, so don't get them started unless you want an earful about Adult Gohan's SICK LEG LOOPS!

Augusto 'Cuxo' Quijano

Art Director

Cuxo is the Art Director at Drinkbox, likes drawing characters, making up stories, and eating tacos. He gets to do 2 out of those 3 things most days!

Gabby DaRienzo

Senior Artist

Gabby is a Senior Artist at Drinkbox, creating environment art, designing UI/UX, and making marketing assets for our new game. She loves watching horror movies and baking, and her lifelong dream is to be one of those scary old ladies who lives in a haunted house.

Mauricio Castano


Mauricio is an artist at Drinkbox who's currently making animations for our new game. He wishes Mario Kart was an Olympic sport and hopes clumsiness one day can be considered a super power so he can join the Justice League

Ian Campbell

Lead Designer

Ian is the Lead Designer at Drinkbox. He's into baking, biking, bowling, and bvideo games -- especially action games, arcade games, and Smash Bros. His greatest dream is to learn how to make the perfect Tom Yum soup

Cass King


Cass is a designer at Drinkbox who's on an endless mission to play all the video/boardgames in his backlog. Boardgame cafes are his happy place. Currently in a long distance relationship with his Cat

Steele Xia


Steele is a game designer who works on many different parts of our new game. He is hard-working, never slacks off, is an insanely nice guy, and also VERY humble. Of course he did not write this bio himself because he's too busy getting his work done and he never trolls

Penelope Mayers

Bookkeeper & Office Manager

Penelope is the bookkeeper and Everything Office Related person at Drinkbox. She loves cooking and going to the beach (even though she's allergic to the sun)

Josh Davis

QA Tester & Assistant Producer

This is Josh, he’s a QA tester at Drinkbox. …or is he? Are any of us really, truly Josh? You should never judge a Josh by its cover. You know what they say: No pain... no Josh.
Josh also likes boardgames and gardening!

Kyle Hunter

Programmer & QA Intern

Kyle is a Programmer & QA Tester with a passion for problem solving and an equal interest in testing his sanity by trying to understand every part of an equation. To (somewhat) regain a balance, he would either swing a giant axe against wyverns in Monster Hunter, or deliver pizzas & connect people in Death Stranding

Vladimir Vatsurin

Programmer & QA Tester

"Well, well, well" says Vlad to himself each time prior to yet another bug hunting session. Coming from an industrial city near Ural Mountains in Russia, Vlad has always been seeking for information. How to speak with computers? Will there be Spore 2? Is Josh the Josh? Are Transformers real? One thing he knows for sure... the best is yet to come!

Jace Hijazi

QA Tester

QA extraordinaire/game dev generalist Jace is on the hunt for bugs! In his spare time he can be found at a local punk show, playing too many video games, doing pixel art, or scouring the darkest corners of the internet for some obscure new electronic music genre that only 15 people have heard of. He sings (screams) in a band sometimes, loves horror and arthouse films, writes media reviews, will most likely beat you at Smash Bros, and is definitely the best person to ask for music recommendations.



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